Rise, Fall and Resurrection of McDonald's McWrap (2023)

Think back to 2013. “Twerk” and “selfie” were recently added to the Oxford Dictionary, and millennials now make up a third of the US population. More importantly, however, was the year McDonald's decided to launch a portable appetizer with mixed vegetables and a warm flour tortilla. Yes, almost a decade ago, McWrap made it onto the menu and into my heart at McDonald's.


Adding to the list of things people can blame (or thank) millennials for is the introduction and eventual destruction of McWrap. It was a product specifically aimed at this demographic, a generation that was gaining more media attention every day in the early 2010s. In fact, an internal memo reveals that McDonald's executives hoped to target these profitable consumers with a product that offered plenty of choice: "[McWrap] gives us the platform for customization and diversity that our millennial customers have come to expect from us."read the notepart. And so the new menu item was born. It came preloaded with options, had the appeal (illusion?)win back the customers McDonald's lost to Subway.

McWrap had its humble beginnings atDebut in Poland in 2004. Recognizing its popularity there and wanting to please a more health conscious audience, McDonald's decided to start testing the water in the US in 2006. Initially, only a small-format snack wrap was offered. Then, in 2010, the chain tested a full-size version, the Chicken Grande Wrap, followed by the Fresh Garden Wrap. It was getting closer.


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In 2012, Premium McWraps were ready for a dress rehearsal, and McDonald's decided to test them in two US cities. Luckily, Chicago was one of the cities chosen as a test market, and I like to think that myself and other McWrap-loving customers like myself helped get the Premium line launched nationwide in 2013. The lineup included a Bacon McWrap, a Ranch McWrap, and Sweet Chili McWrap, each with a choice of grilled or crispy chicken as the main protein. And if anyone fell for the marketing of this product as a "healthy option," it's me.

When looking at a menu of fries, double cheeseburgers, and Big Macs, it's easy to assume that a veggie-stuffed tortilla is the healthier choice. For a "premium" item, the wraps were also reasonably priced at around $4 each compared to a Big Mac that was nearby50 cents more. If your teenage income is mom and grandma's money, go for the cheapest and flashiest option.

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Price and general appeal aside, the first thing that comes to mind is McWrap's packaging. The premium range was conveniently packaged in a cardboard sleeve with a detachable center strip that revealed the pack's open mouth and allowed you to eat from one end without all the goodies spilling out the other. Thank you to the McDonald's R&D team for believing so strongly in their millennial customer base.necessaryto eat these wraps on the go because these wrappers lasted to the last bite. I didn't have a driver's license at the time (I still don't) so I didn't drive anywhere - but hats off to them anyway. My lack of transportation and general underage status also meant that fast food runs were a social event in their own right. Whenever he walked beneath those golden arches, he thought of a soft flour tortilla and a crunchy pickle combo, along with a side of potato chips.

According to archived nutritional information, the wraps ranged from 360 to 600 calories depending on your choice of chicken, and their fat content was quite high. A Crispy Bacon McWrap contained 30 grams of total fat, just like a Big Mac. Still, veggies are veggies, and knowing their calorie count doesn't change my abiding desire to see Premium McWrap still on the menu. Because unfortunately, like many other young and up-and-coming acts who burn out too quickly, McWrap had their 15 minutes of fame and then they were gone without a farewell tour. In 2016 it was removed from the US menu.


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Like me, you may be wondering, "But why?How can it be?Or maybe something on a less dramatic note.

The fast food game is about numbers and efficiency. From a business standpoint, the Premium McWraps just didn't deliver the success they were intended for. Between heating the tortilla, chopping fresh ingredients, and assembling everything, the turnaround time on a McWrap was about 60 seconds. On the other hand, the average burger only takes about 10 seconds.Millennials also didn't eat their wraps the way executives expected them to., and to top it off, McDonald's was on a mission to simplify its offerings and streamline its menu. Wraps no longer fit this mission, at least not in the US.


If you really miss McWrap, you'll be glad to know he's not entirely extinct. fan onGreat Britain,Poland,Australia, zYou haveare able to get at least some variation. (Just one more thing Canada does better than the US) For the rest of us, there's no choice but to go the homemade route, so I did a little research and got to work making all three Premium McWraps to bring back into my life.

The first step was to heat a burrito-sized flour tortilla. Unless you have the expertise to heat it directly over a stove flame I would suggest placing it in a pan over the burner and turning it over after about 15 seconds. At the same time, I reheated pre-made frozen chicken strips to approximate McDonald's preparation. From there, assembly was pretty easy: I added the mixed veggies, grilled chicken strips, sauces, and various chopped toppings. To get that distinct open end on one side, I tucked the left side of the tortilla under the right and tucked the little tail into the bottom. I didn't have any trendy cardboard sleeves on hand, but I wrapped the bottom half of the packaging in aluminum foil andta-da!


Rise, Fall and Resurrection of McDonald's McWrap (4)
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A few substitutions were made, like bacon chunks instead of strips and Colby Jack cheese over Cheddar Jack, but I ended up with three tasty wraps. The keyword is "wraps" andNO"McWraps." As good as my homemade creations were, they couldn't measure up to the McDonald's order of my past. Maybe it's the lack of innovative packaging, or maybe it's because McDonald's secret mass-market touch is just impossible to replicate. I couldn't figure out exactly what I was missing, but it's like an ice-cold Sprite or a box of ketchup: some things taste better when they slide through a McDonald's drive-thru window.


However, here's an abbreviated guide for all three wraps if you want to try and take them closer to fast-food perfection.

Rise, Fall and Resurrection of McDonald's McWrap (5)


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  • 2 crispy chicken strips
  • creamy garlic sauce
  • Speck
  • Cheddar/Colby Jack cheese
  • sliced ​​tomato

Ranch McWrap

  • 2 crispy chicken strips
  • Ranch-Dressing
  • Spiced Rice Vinegar
  • Cheddar/Colby Jack cheese
  • sliced ​​cucumbers
  • sliced ​​tomato

Sweet Chili McWrap

  • 2 crispy chicken strips
  • sweet chili sauce
  • creamy garlic sauce
  • sliced ​​cucumbers


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